The cut-off measurement systems allow the qualification of the stability of the cutting of lighting products for the automotive field. They measure the variation of the position of the cut-off in time.

The measurable standards on the bench of cut-off are ECE / SAE, ISO, Pollack, ….

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The architecture of bench stability system has two features:

  • A single cell allowing the measurement of the different regulations
  • Measurements are made by round trip, saving time

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A laser is installed on the system allowing a simple and quick adjustment of the products to be tested

Features of this system:

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Download product sheet: Cutoff Mesurement System

The whole system is controlled by the proprietary software ALPES (Automotive Lighting Photometric Equipment Software) developed by Pleiades Instruments (see details of the software functions in the ALPES section).


Several options can be added to the system, for more information about the options refer to the Options section.