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ColorLight Software

ColorLight software is an application used to control and analyze Spectrophotometer MSU measurement destine to spectral and colorimetric characterization of light source in the visible field.

 It offers an user-friendly handling allowing the user to realize depending of the system use, differents actions :

  • Display of spectrum in the visible fiels (380 à 780 nm)
  • Display of CIE ans UCS diagram
  • Analyze of the light source with calculatioon of following colorimetric parameter :
    • X, Y, Z, x, y, u’, v’ coordinates
    • CCT color temperature
    • Purity
    • Dominant Wavelength
    • Color rendering (CRI(8) and CRI (14))
    • Maximal Wavelength

This analyze is realized on 2 observation angle 2° or 10° as defined in the curent regulation.

It also allows to export realized measurement in order to reload it after in the software.

The software can generate measurement in a text file.

The software ColorLight is continously improved in order to follow colorimetric regulation modifications and customer requests.

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