The spectrophotometer MSU allows for the spectral and colorimetric characterization of light sources. This product is mainly used in the food, textile and automotive fields.

The solution is suitable for diagnosis, quality control in the laboratory as well as in industrial and in-situ environments.

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The architecture of the MSU system has two features:

  • It is a very compact system allowing to be easily integrated into measuring instruments or test benches
  • It uses only a USB cable that manages the data transfer as well as the power supply of the system

Image MSU2

The MSU spectrophotometer is composed of TTL inputs / outputs for controlling other instruments such as a light source.

Characteristics of the MSU spectrophotometer :

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Download product sheet: Spectrophotometer_MSU

The system is controlled by the proprietary ColorLight software developed by Pleiades Instruments (see details of the software features in the ColorLight section).

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