The company offers several options that can be added to their systems.

Power supply

Alimentation The power supplies allow the supply in continuous products to be tested.

2 types of power supplies are available:

Power supply TTI used for lighting products: 18V-20A
Power supply Agilent used for signaling products: 25V-7A or 50V-4A

The power supplies can be controlled via the software ALPES.


Lentille Lenses are used to reduce the measurement distance on MES or GES systems.

Replacement lenses are available.

Rotation table (only for MES)

Table de rotation A rotation table can be added to the motorized vertical table of the multicell bench.

This allows measuring products with wide angles (such as cornering functions) or measuring the visibility points for signaling products.

This rotation table has a displacement range of +/- 90 °


Spectrocolorimeter (only for GES)

spectrocolorimétrie A spectrocolorimeter may be added to the system GES. This makes possible to measure the color of lighting or signaling products.

The spectrocolorimeter is controlled by ALPES software allowing automated measurement within a measurement sequence.

Calibration products     

Produit étalon 1Produit etalon 2 A range of calibration products is available to enable the customer to calibrate Pleiades Instruments systems.

These are available for 2 types of configuration :

Calibration lighting product: 2 measurement levels
Calibration signaling products: 3 colors (red, amber, colorless)

The products are supplied with their specific adjustment bracket as well as a rigid transport case.

The products are calibrated ISO17025 by an certified laboratory, and supplied with their calibration certificate.

High frequency PWM measurement board (for MES systems)

PWM haute fréquence An additional measurement card can be added to the MES systems for measuring high-frequency PWM products (frequency greater than 500 Hz).

31 cells can be connected to this board.

This card is controlled by the ALPES software.