ALPES Software (Automotive Lighting Photometric Equipment Software) is an application used to control the full range of photometric products manufactured by Pleiades Instruments.


It offers a friendly use which allows the user to realize different types of measurement according to the system used :

  • Standard measurement (point, zone, line or point grouping standardized according to the current regulations: ECE, SAE, CCC, KR)
  • Maximum Search : Search of the maximum in an givenarea
  • Stability measurement : Measurement of the photometric stability during a given time
  • Isolux or Isocandela :  Photometric map in a given area
  • Line measurement : Measurement of an horizontal or vertical line
  • Cut-off measurement (cutoff line standardized according to current regulations: ECE / SAE, ISO)
  • Cut-off setting (cutoff line standardized according to current regulations: ECE / SAE, ISO)
  • Stability of the Cut-off : Measurement of variation of the cutoff position during a givent time

It also allows the automatic sequencing of the different measurements selected on the same product (automatic switch-on / off, positioning of the tested function, launching of the measurement).

The software allows to generate the files in different formats excel, text, IES (other specific formats are possible following requests).

ALPES integrates a second proprietary ALPES – DBE software (ALPES DataBase Editor) allowing the management of measurement databases.


Type of measurement achievable according to photometric systems

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ALPES software is evolving continually to meet changing standards and specific requirements of the customer.