Pleiades Instruments

Photometric cell (Photolux)

The photometric cell is a photometric acquisition system allowing illuminance measurement. This equipment is designed for our industrial customers. This high-precision system is used in measurement laboratories or in production control. It can be used in different fields such as automotive lighting, street lighting, light manufaturing, medical applications, …

The photolux module is a fully configurable solution to meet your specific needs.

The photodiode sensor delivers a current amplified by a dedicated board (CECA) which converts the current into voltage. The voltage is proportional to the illumination of the sensor.

Through a National Instruments acquisition module, the signal is digitally transmitted to a computer via Ethernet communication.

This measurement system is controlled by a dedicated software in LabVIEW programming language.

A specific SDK is available in different programming languages (C, C++, LabVIEW) allowing the customer to develop their own application.