Pleiades Instruments

Transmission Color Measurement system (TCM)

TCM is an innovative measurement system for spectral and colorimeter characterization by transmission of different types of samples like liquids, platics or textiles.

The solution is adapted for diagnosis, quality control in industrial environment.

The architecture of TCm systme is composed with 2 sub-assemblies :

  • A sub-assembly allowing generation of light source thanks to an pulsed Xenon bulb
  • A sub-assembly with an integrating sphere allowing spectral measurement of the sample in Lab coordinates.
The System uses 2 MSU spectrometer in order to realize measreuement and check the normal operation of the Xenon source.
The system is remote control by the proprietary software developped by the company Pleiades Instruments allowing measurement during production cycle.
The software is customizable depending on customer specific requests (OPC communication, MES, MES,….)
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