Pleiades Instruments


The company propose some options which can be added to Probe4Light system.


The clamp allows to maintain the Probe4Light in position in order to obtain a reproductive measurement.

The clamp can be maintain on a rod or on an optical table thanks to holes with 4.3 mm diameters or 2 M6 holes.

Small Diffuser

A small diffuser allows to homogenize the light. this is connected to the Probe4Light thanks to an optical fiber.

It allows to deport the Probe4Light system in the measurement area.

The input diameter of the diffuser is  7.5 mm.

Large diffuser

The diffuser has an 20 mm diameter opal. Its large photosensible surface allows to homogenize the light.

The large diffuser is connected directly on the Probe4Light.

The input diameter is 20 mm.

Integrating sphere

The integrating sphere has an internal diameter of 30 mm and has a surface covered  with Baryum sulfate to diffuse light. The sphere allows to capture and homogenize total flux emitted by light.

The input of the sphere has a 7 mm diameter. The sphere is directly connected to the Probe4Light system..

A version of the integrating sphere has a small spout at the input in order to reduce straight light and realize measurement in a precise direction.