Pleiades Instruments

System's development on customer requirement

Pleiades Instruments propose the development of systems on customer requirement

These test bench can include hardware from differents fields as Electronic, Mechanic, Motorization, Optic as well as measuring instruments.

Pleiades team take care of all systems development steps:

 – System technical specifications

 – Mechanical Design

 – Optic and  Electronic study

 – Design of measurement and remote control software

 – Prototyps manufacturing

 – Small/medium series manufacturing

Software engineering

The company Pleiades Instruments also propose its support for the development of softwares on different platforms :

LabVIEW, C, C++, VB, LabWindws CVI, TestStand

Pleiades team offer different softwares works :

 – Software development on customer requirements 

 – Development of libraries of hardware communication

 – Software conversion from old platforms to new versions 

The company use some tools for version management and tracking with differents software as :

 – Mantis : Tracking and management of bugs and corrections

 – SubVersion (SVN) : Tracking of version and saving of modifications historical.

Moreover the company Pleiades Instruments has a partnership with the company National Instruments and has a in its team  an CLA certified developer (Certified Labview Architect) on Labview Platforms

Pleiades Instruments – 7 rue Antoine Polotti – 38000 Grenoble – France

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