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Pleiades Instruments, optoelectronic system maker, is specialized in the design and manufacturing of specific systems such as goniophotometers or multicells systems for lighting or signaling:

Designing high performance systems for our customers, our team assists you in standard and specific needs.

Our team of specialized and experienced engineers  with multidisciplinary skills in optics, mechanics, electronics and computer science is at the service of your projects.

We offer a permanent evolution of our products and software giving you the benefit of the latest and most advanced technologies, and ensuring the continuity of our systems.

Majantys develops color measurement systems based on miniature spectrophotometers. It is based on a set of technological components – spectrophotometer, illumination source and software – and over 30 years of accumulated technical experience.

This specificity gives it the possibility to build complete solutions for measuring and respond as accurately technical and economic needs. The proposed solutions are focused on several product lines whose color measuring non-emissive materials (inert body) and characterization of light sources.