Goniophotometer are used for evaluating the quality of lighting products and signal products in the domain of automobile.

The main function of this system are :

  • In Research and Development (prototype measurement, validation before homologation)
  • In Control of production (daily measurement of production, verification of nonconformities)

The goniophotometer allows the measurement of automotive standards ECE, SAEGB, KR and Japan.


Several configurations are possible :

  • GES-S: Goniophotometer for signaling with cell at 10 meters and / or 3.16 meters
  • GES-L: Goniophotometer for illumination with measuring cell at 25 meters
  • GES-SL: Goniophotometer for illumination and signaling with measuring cell at 10 meters with a removable lens

The goniophotometer systems consist of 5 motor axes: 2 rotation axes for measurement (H, V) and 3 translation axes for product adjustment (X, Y and Z).


Characteristics of goniophotometers:goniophotomètre en anglais

Download product sheet: Goniophotometer

The whole system is controlled by the proprietary software ALPES (Automotive Lighting Photometric Equipment Software) developed by Pleiades Instruments (see details of the software features in the ALPES section).


Several options can be added to the system for more information about the options refer to the Options section.