Pleiades Instruments


Designing high performance systems for our customers, our team has specialized engineer in optic, mechanic, electronic and IT fields who support you during all your measurement product life time.

All products manufactured by the company are delivered with their software developed by Pleiades, which allow to be reactive to all requests and additional evolutions.

We offer a permanent evolution of our products and softwares, in order to provide you last technical advances ans systems tracking.

Pleiades Instruments offer a wide range of photometric products dedicated for the R&D and control of production for lighting and signaling products for automotive field.

This range has the following systems:

All systems are delivered with the software ALPES.

Pleiades Instruments also commercialize systems for color and luminous flux measurement based on a mini-spectromphotometer.

This activities has been added to the initial skills of the company for after the takeover of the company MAJANTYS.

This products range has the following systmes :

All systems are delivered with the soofotware ColorLight.

Pleiades Instruments – 7 rue Antoine Polotti – 38000 Grenoble – France

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